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Prosthesis on implants

Prosthesis on implants

Qualitative implantation depends on the qualifications of the doctor, the quality of the materials and technologies used.

The result of our work is the quality of your life and the beauty of a smile, so we not only use the latest high quality materials, but we also carefully prepare for the simplest implantation. All possible errors are eliminated in the beginning – at the stage of the previous simulation of the operation.

The surgeon chooses a method for setting implants (one visit or several) depending on your physiological parameters.

Due to the fact that gum can rise over the implant over the years, we submerge them together with the installation. This protects the implant from bacteria..

Before starting the procedure, the doctor goes through all stages of the virtual model. This is the safest way to handle all manipulations.

Our surgeons work according to the protocols of the international club of implantologists (ITI), which allows us to practice the work of the best surgeons in the world.

In the case when there is not enough bone to fix the implant, we use bone material, which eventually becomes its bone.

We work with extra-class systems that allow you to make implant parts for a particular client.