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About us

The Dental Center “Lux” was founded in 1999 in Easter Island in Kolomyya, on the street. Theatrical, 5. We started with a single dental office, and step by step we reached the modern dental clinic, where there is everything to provide highly skilled care to our patients.
Our greatest values are people, patients, employees, partners. The main thing for us is that our clients are comfortable, we value each patient, we strive to make our service the best that modern dentistry can offer.
The team of our specialists is demanding, distinguished specialists who are constantly improving, attend the most progressive conferences, master classes in Ukraine, as well as abroad in Germany, Italy, Hungary and Liechtenstein.
For the time being, some doctors themselves are conducting training on the basis of our center.
It all starts with an individual approach to each patient, communication, direct diagnosis and preparation of a treatment plan.
In the process of diagnosis and treatment in the clinic we use all the achievements of modern dentistry, 3D research of the dento-jaw system using a computer tomography apparatus, panoramic images, images using a visualographer, digital technologies, computer simulation, microscopic treatment, treatment and laser surgery, non-contact method of teeth preparation and office bleaching with the latest generation of the Beyond Polus system.
Much attention in the clinic is given to careful sterilization with autoclave, class B, after which the tools are packed in individual single-use packages.

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