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    • Sighting image (radioovision) has a high informative for the dentist. This type of study is carried out using a digital X-ray apparatus (radio-visualograph).Modern equipment has a very low level of radiation, therefore it is allowed for diagnostics during pregnancy and for examination of children. The objective shot allows you to see hidden processes, confirm the diagnosis and choose the most effective method of dental treatment.
    • A panoramic image of the teeth (orthopantomogram) – is a very important stage in diagnostics in dentistry, because it reflects the state of the entire dental-jaw system. This type of study may be designed in combination with a tooth image or computer tomography after the initial examination.
    • Computer tomography (CT) – is one of the most accurate diagnostic methods in modern dentistry. Unlike X-rays, this type of study provides a three-dimensional (3D) model in several projections, which displays complete information on the state of the teeth and maxillofacial area. Modern digital equipment allows such diagnosis without risk of error or distortion of the results.

    Professional dental hygiene

    Ultrasound – under the influence of a sound wave, the tooth stone is destroyed and painlessly departs from the surface of the tooth, soft plaque and microbial colonies are washed with a jet of water.

    KaVo Prophyflex – designed for deep cleansing of interdental gaps, teeth whitening from resistant dark plaque and polishing of the tooth surface to natural color – the latest development by KaVo (Germany).


    Vector therapy – одна is one of the most effective methods of treatment and prophylaxis of periodontitis. Effective result: for 1-2 sessions it is possible to remove inflammatory processes. The most gentle periodontal therapy (soft tissues and tooth enamel are not injured)

    Curettage – gum treatment – cleaning of the periodontal pockets in order to eliminate the gum inflammation center and the main indication for curettage is middle-end periodontitis (the presence of periodontal pockets at a depth of 4-5 mm). In contrast to the professional cleaning of teeth during the procedure of curettage, not only dental deposits are removed, but pathologically altered tissues of periodontal pockets, microorganisms and products of their vital functions. Also, curettage is necessary before surgical intervention, as the infection in the gums during surgery can continue to heal or even lead to an unsuccessful outcome.


    Engaged in leveling teeth and fix bite.

    To make an orthodontic diagnosis and to draw up a treatment plan, it is necessary to conduct a diagnosis, which includes:

    – clinical examination;

    – an assessment of the state of muscles and joints;

    – removal of prints and manufacturing of plaster diagnostic models;

    – photo static analysis of the face and dentition;

    – Orthopantomogram – X-ray image of all teeth;

    – telerentgenography – an X-ray image of the lateral projection of the head.

    According to the results of diagnosis, the doctor selects an individual orthodontic system that will be most effective:


    Tooth filling – today materials for making seals are made of the smallest particles – nanocomposites. They allow you to pass all the properties of a natural tooth – transparency, durability, individual shades and patterns of enamel.

    Artistic restoration – – restoration of not only the appearance of the tooth, but also the preservation of its function. There is a direct and indirect restoration of the tooth.
    In the first case, direct work is done with the surface of the teeth: grinding, build-up, correction and other procedures. Due to complex therapy and aesthetic restoration of teeth – the natural appearance remains without loss of function. That is, teeth become not only beautiful, but also healthy.
    Indirect restoration of teeth involves the use of veneers and inserts – the finest ceramic plates that cover the surface of the tooth, eliminating all the imperfections. The color and size of the veneers are chosen in each case individually according to the wishes of the patient.

    Endodontic treatment – treatment of root canal teeth using a microscope. This is an accurate study of the affected tooth for the rapid elimination of the source of pain. This technology allows you to work hard with difficult cases and restore your tooth after a poor performance or a broken tool.

    Surgery and implantation

    Removal of teeth – – thanks to effective anesthesia, tooth extraction is performed without pain and emotions.

    Implantation of teeth – allows you to return a complete life-style after loss of teeth.
    The procedure is carried out in conditions of effective pain relief at close inspection of specialists at each stage of treatment, does not injure healthy teeth and mucous gums, is done once and for all life.

    Sinus lifting – is a procedure that may be required for implantation of the teeth in the upper jaw. In a situation where the volume of bone tissue for implantation is not enough, the bone needs to be increased. For this, the doctor raises the bottom of the laxative sinus and in the space that is formed introduces a special bone material. It takes several months to create a new bone of the desired thickness at this site, and the doctor was able to carry out implantation.

    Laser plastic bridges – tongue, upper and lower lobes are small mucous folds that are very important for the proper functioning of the tooth-jaw system. If there is shortening, thickening or damage to these bridles, this can lead to a number of problems – especially in childhood. To avoid complications, a small surgical intervention, or a laser plastic bristle, is performed. For children, the optimum age for plastic tongue bristles is up to 6 months, and the upper lip bristles are 8-10 years old.

    Medical sleep – immersion in the medication sleep is carried out by the introduction of the intravenous drug. As a result, patient calm, general relaxation, and a state of easily interrupted sleep during the entire operation are achieved. Carried out to patients with psychoneurological and physical problems, during operations for removing cystic formations and removing the diseased part of the tooth (hemiesection).


    The result of our work is the quality of your life and the beauty of a smile, so we not only use the latest high quality materials, but we also carefully prepare for the simplest implantation. All possible errors are eliminated in the beginning – at the stage of the previous simulation of the operation.

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