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Engaged in leveling teeth and fix bite.

To make an orthodontic diagnosis and to draw up a treatment plan, it is necessary to conduct a diagnosis, which includes:

– clinical examination;

– an assessment of the state of muscles and joints;

– removal of prints and manufacturing of plaster diagnostic models;

– photo static analysis of the face and dentition;

– Orthopantomogram – X-ray image of all teeth;

– telerentgenography – an X-ray image of the lateral projection of the head.

According to the results of diagnosis, the doctor selects an individual orthodontic system that will be most effective:


  1. Removable systems:

Dental Trainer – an effective method in orthodontics to correct abnormal bite;

Kapi – thermoplastic kappa (removable transparent kappa) are used to move the teeth, alignment of the tooth row;

Plates – for incontinent wear, recommended for use only in children, until the completion of jaw formation;

  1. Non-removable systems:

Bracket systems (metal, sapphire, ceramic) – a special system for aligning the dental arc and correcting bite at any age;

Linguating systems – the most aesthetic bracket system, which is located on the oral surface of the tooth.