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3d tomography – A successful invention in dentistry

3d tomography – A successful invention in dentistry

3d tomography is a diagnosis of the 21st century! According to many scientists, it is the largest invention in dentistry for the last 20 years.

Diagnosis in dentistry plays the same big role as any other field of medicine. Successful treatment depends entirely on how accurately diagnosed. In the dental office "Lux" uses the latest equipment and modern methods of computer

Patients offer a whole new type of examination of dentition – cone-ray computed 3d tomography. Smart technique literally decomposes the patient's jaw on

Today without using 3d tomography it is impossible to staging proper diagnosis. All because on the sighting images the doctor sees his teeth only in one projection, thus visible only 25-35% of pathologies, otherwise remains out of attention. 3d imaging allows you to see a tooth on all sides, recognize possible deviations and most importantly – to look at the middle of a tooth without revealing

For a dentist the therapist is very important even before the beginning to know the number of root canals in the tooth in order to properly process and to zagermethylize. On sighting and panoramic images the number of root canals and their anatomy can be explored, so very often they remain unsealed, leading to the development of the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by pain sensations and ends Premature loss of tooth. Similarly, the channels of masticatory teeth of the maxilla can cause odontogenic

When implantation 3d tomography gives dentist-surgeon information about the volume and structure of bone tissue, which is necessary for accurate installation of implants and its long service. Also the surgeon-implantologist must know the exact location of the mandible, so that it does not damage it during operation. To revise the mandibular nerve tomography can only be used in 3d

To fix the bite of the doctor-orthodontist 3d tomography allows you to see the full, three-dimensional picture of the location of teeth in the dentition in the 3d format. This method of investigation guarantees accuracy in the diagnosis, as a result, high quality of treatment.