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Modern face of surgical dentistry in Kolomyja!

Modern face of surgical dentistry in Kolomyja!

Many people, hearing the words "surgical dentistry", imagine a hospital, general anesthesia and a few days spent in a hospital house, because of the need for rehabilitation. However, this is not so…

In the dental Center "lux" many procedures related to surgical dentistry, carried out in ordinary dental offices, under local anesthesia or Sedesia (so-called medical sleep).
Some procedures can be carried out immediately after they have been detected, without special preparation and expectation.

Modern surgical dentistry requires a good material and technical base, modern equipment and appropriate professional training of specialists.

Such specialists can boast dental center "Lux", because Bogdan Pavlinets, Yaroslav Grabowski and Roman Khlibog are members of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Paradontotics, as well as participants of many conferences and Symposia that constantly undergo training in Ukraine and abroad.

These physicians are certified Straumann specialists, a world leader in dental prosthetics. Recall that in June 2018, dental Center "Lux" received the official status of gold provider Straumann in Ukraine.

For more than 16 years the team of surgeons has been successfully engaged in implant rehabilitation. Only for the last year, on the basis of the dental Center "lux", specialists have installed about five hundred implants.

We consider some of the most common operations and procedures related to surgical dentistry in lux.

Tooth extraction

This is the most common dental operation, through which, at least once in a lifetime, every person passed. Removal may be necessary in such cases as deep caries, in which the tooth can not be restored, "wisdom teeth", the beginnings of the eighth teeth, milk teeth, which did not have time to fall out independently, various injuries, cracks in the roots of the teeth.
Sometimes, to achieve optimal results in the orthodontic treatment, you need to remove one or more teeth.

The degree of complexity, removal are simple, complex and atypical. Surgeons "LUX", which remove teeth every day, to predict the course of the tooth extraction operation, sufficient examination of the oral cavity and radiographs of the tooth.

Dental implantation in the dental Center "Lux"
Implantation is a method of establishing an artificial root (implant) in the upper or lower jaw. Implants are used as the supports to which the crowns are fixed (that are fully replaced by the lost teeth), or fixed or removable dentures. The construction of the implant consists of two main parts: the implant itself, which is a titanium screw inserted in the jaw by surgery and abutment, also made of titanium, which joins the implant after a period of feeding.

Clinical use of implants as independent structures, or additional supports for mostochnyh or removable dentures, revealed a number of advantages over traditional dental prosthetics:
1. Possibility to replace the defects of dentition without grinding of neighboring teeth.
2. Possibility to exclude removable prostheses during the substitution of final defects.
3. Possibility of manufacturing of fixed structures (crowns) of a large length.
4. Possibility of manufacturing of fixed structures in the absence of teeth, or considerable improvement of fixation of complete removable dentures.
5. No need to keep teeth with questionable periodontal prognosis.
6. The implant allows to stop the deformation of the bone in the area of the missing tooth (teeth), because the bone, deprived of of functional load, is quickly atrofuna.
The requirements to aesthetics and functionality are increasing in orthopedic constructions. The determining factor in this is the accuracy with which the implant was immersed in the bone. With the advent of 3D technology computer simulations, to achieve such precision allows the use of surgical pattern when dental implants are installed.

What is a surgical pattern?
It is a special stencil with the openings for implants created with the help of digital technologies.

Why use a surgical pattern?
Surgical pattern allows dentist-surgeon to accurately position the location of the implant when it is installed and completely eliminate the possibility of error, which may take place in the case of the presence of human factors.

Application of laser in surgical dentistry
With the help of a laser used in surgical dentistry, you can make small operations in the oral cavity, which were previously carried out with a conventional scalpel, for example, to remove small works of different etiologies, trim the Bridette, To carry out correction of gingival margin. All these operations pass quickly, painlessly and not accompanied by bleeding, because the laser "ignites" small blood vessels. The wound is disinfected in this case, due to the fact that the laser kills all pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, if there are only groundless, outdated fears on the way to your new, glowing smile obstacle, then discard them as soon as possible, because the latest technologies and professional specialists of the dental Center "Lux" able to provide a good result, without Painful sensations.