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Laser Dentistry: Modern approach to the treatment of inflammatory diseases of mouth cavity

Laser Dentistry: Modern approach to the treatment of inflammatory diseases of mouth cavity

Doctors of Dental Center "Lux" first in Kolomyia region began to use modern dental laser in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of mouth cavity. Its use significantly improves the quality of the procedures. Any surgery requires flawless sterility and operating fields, which is why all the devices are carefully handled. However, the use of laser is a fundamentally new solution. During such surgery with fabrics "faced" not a scalpel, and a beam, which possesses powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of the laser allows to achieve high sterility of the operating field, practically minimizes the risk of re-infection.

Treatment of Periodontitis
It is known that in severe cases periodontitis is necessary to remove the infection from bone tissue. Traditionally, this operation was carried out manually: the incision was executed with a scalpel, the infection of bone tissue was removed by curetpits. The treatment process lasted long and demanded patience and from the doctor, and from the patient. Laser allows to perform such operation considerably faster, while it is less traumatic. Powerful bactericidal Action Laser contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and minimizes the risk of postoperative complications.

Correction of Gums
With the help of the laser is much easier to provide an equal contour gum before prosthetics, as well as in other cases. Thus there is no bleeding, the likelihood of swelling is reduced. As a rule, there is no need for overlapping seams. These advantages of the laser are evident and in the process of plastic bridle the tongue and lips. Using a laser allows you to make a line of smiles beautiful quickly and painlessly.

Removal of Fibroom and Papom

Often patients are disturbed by small tumor formations on the mucous, noticeable at smile. Using a laser can remove them without bleeding, burn and blending seams. During surgery the patient does not feel discomfort. Laser is also used in the treatment of manifestations of cold sores and other oral lesions.
Laser is effective in aesthetic dentistry. With it, you can whiten teeth on a few tones. Speaking as a catalyst and affecting the solution inflicted on the teeth, the laser provokes a chemical reaction of oxygen release, which actively splits the paint pigments, without affecting the enamel.