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Microscope in modern world stomatology

Microscope in modern world stomatology

The microscope, in modern world dentistry, took an extremely important place. Without it it is impossible to imagine a quality treatment, because, as one of the founders of the dental microscopy Harry measles: "You can only cure what you can see."

Microscope for Dentistry "Leica M 320"-is the latest dental device with improved complex Hi-End with built-in Full HD digital camera, production of one of the world leaders-German dental Company "KaVo".

The advantage of this microscope is improved optics, which gives an ideal light, accurate detail at all interventions: from minimal (3 x) to maximum (25 x), because the best and cleanest lenses are used here. Its practicality is that over the patient who is in a lying position, there is a minimum of equipment and there are no cables or wires.

This greatly facilitates the work of the Doctor and provides comfort, both a doctor and for the patient.
The best and most modern dental equipment, as well as quality treatment for the newest technologies is carried out in the Stomatological Center "Lux", Kolomyia, Vul. Teatralnaya 5/2, doctor-Dentist Roman Stepanovich, tel. 095-691-65-51