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Professional tooth brushing

Professional tooth brushing

Presence on the teeth of soft and rigid plaque-tartar, creates conditions for occurrence and progression of a number of oral diseases.

Removal of dental plaque is often not so much a hygienic, how much the main medical measure, because it removes from the teeth and gums most of the pathogenic infection and eliminates the mechanical digestion of gums.
Removal of tartar in the dental center of the lux is carried out by means of ultrasonic action device. Under the influence of sound waves the stone is destroyed and painlessly departs from the tooth surface, soft plaque and the microbial colony being washed by the water stream. The final polishing is done with the help of a professional paste and is accompanied by treatment of the oral antiseptic solutions. For patients with densely spaced teeth and stable stained is one more procedure-air-abrasive cleaning apparatus KaVo Prophyflex.

KaVo Prophyflex is designed for deep cleaning of interdental spaces, teeth whitening from persistent dark plaque and polishing the tooth surface to natural color-the latest development from the firm KaVo (Germany).
The special innovative Powder KaVo prophyperls, which has no analogues, is used during air-abrasive cleaning. It consists of round smooth particles-"pearls", effectively cleans the teeth and bleggles, without damaging the enamel and soft tissue, gently treats periodontal pockets, allows to conduct dental implants.

Professional tooth cleaning is usually produced twice a year. In some cases it is necessary to spend it more often. Our dentists will determine for you the interval between cleaners, prescribe further treatment, will pick up an individual scheme of oral hygiene.
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