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Three-dimensional filling of root canals

Three-dimensional filling of root canals

Computer technology era has long been reached with dentistry. Why in this area of medicine 3d technology develop so fast? The answer lies on the surface: dental problems have everything, but many people are accustomed to ignoring the treatment because it hurts. It is good that times have changed and revolutionary equipment makes visiting the doctor not only painless and comfortable, but also interesting.

Today, Dentistry uses a large number of methods of sealing the root canals. We present to you one of such methods, namely, sealing of Thermo-plasticit Guttapercha – which is a striking example of observance of the principle of three-dimensional space.

Treatment of treatment under a microscope is considered not less effective achievement in dentistry. Due to the high-technological operating microscope diagnosis and working process is considerably accelerated and make it more comfortable, both for the patient and for the doctor. During endodontic treatment, further prognosis for a patient's tooth depends not only on proper treatment of root canals, but also from tightness of sealing the channel. In order to ensure reliable obturation, in the endodontic Office of Dental Center "lux" The injection of root canals of teeth is carried out. This is such a method of filling the channel, which, in the cavity, a special pistol, under pressure, injected the heated plastic gutta, which allows us to carry out 3d sealing and seal not only the main channel, but also the entire system of Referrite canals.

Successful root canal treatment is provided by three factors:

  1. Detection of all channels and the maximum quality machining.
  2. Sterilization of root canals by washing special solutions.
  3. Three-dimensional sealing with a heated plasticit Guttapercha, for hermetic closure of all channels.

In recent years, more and more scientific work in dentistry is devoted to the fact that only 10% of channels do not have branches. That is, the root canal, as the tree branch, has many additional candelans.

Non-filling of such candelans, usually leads to post-sealing pain, formation of pathological processes on the top of the root, destruction of periodontal and subsequent removal of the tooth.

A good long-term prognosis, after the endodontic treatment in our office, is conditioned by the totality of the following factors:

-Use of Coferdam isolation, for maximum purity of the working field and prevention of medical solutions in the mouth cavity and patient's comfort;

-all manipulations are carried out under the control of the most modern dental microscope, Leica;

-Creation of access to root canals, with maximal preservation of healthy tissues of tooth and removal of all infected tissues, is carried out with the use of microscope;

-Revealing of all root canals, both with the usual location of UST, and with very atypical, to find which without increase is simply impossible (for example, in the upper bridges in 80-85% are 4 root canals);

-Treatment of root canals is carried out by mechanical rotational instruments, which allows to give the channel the maximum rounded, correct form and pass the most complicated in configuration, root canals. They all have the wrong form (as in cross section, and along the entire root), so it is impossible to qualitatively pick up all the remains of the nerve and to seal the root canal for the whole length, without preliminary giving it a round shape;

-Use of various antiseptic solutions, in large quantities, with a combination of ultrasound, for the maximum quality cleaning and washing of all infected tissues and products of decay, from all, even the smallest canals of the tooth, to achieve the maximal Sterility

-Sealing of root canals materials of the time taken in the world, with observance of all standards of quality. They are:

-biologically inert;

-Not toxic;

-Do not color tooth tissues in pink or other colors;

-Does not resolve with time;

-X-ray contrast (clearly visible as a sealed tooth).

-This method of sealing allows to carry out a complete treatment of a tooth, that is-to put a permanent seal for one visit, because it is not necessary to wait for hardening of material, as in the use of other methods of obturtius of root canals.

Of course, new technologies are progress, but they will not work on their own. They need new skills, new solutions, more skilled staff. We are not afraid to change and always go in step with the times. We are constantly improving, attending seminars and courses for advanced training, and can guarantee excellent results for each patient.

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