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How to make white teeth

How to make white teeth

A successful man goes through life with a smile, which should be dazzling, snow-white, ideal. Beautiful teeth-the key to success in any conversation: whether a simple communication with family or an important interview. It is part of the image, a visiting card of a person, the necessary element of everyday existence.
White and beautiful teeth are perceived as one of the most important signs of success. Modern people associate them with a young, healthy personality, full of ambition, ideas and plans for life. A perfect smile adds confidence in communication, whether you're a girl or a guy, a student, a businessman, a doctor, a teacher, a journalist, or a housewife. Whatever the person, whatever its status, the desire to get a beautiful smile at all one. Conversely, the imperfect smile leads to a complex.
However, not all can be sloping with snow-white teeth. Various products, drinks, bad habits affect their color, despite the hygiene of the oral cavity. Therefore, the teeth whitening procedure is becoming more demanded.
In the dental Center "lux" for Teeth whitening use apparatus Beyond Polus.
Beyond Polus-is an innovative laser system that is capable of providing your smile lingerie, in a matter of minutes. The ultramodern laser robot Beyond Polus without ultraviolet rays whiten teeth without causing discomfort in the patient. This is the most painless and safe whitening system in the world. It has no harmful effects, due to the use of light blue spectrum of high intensity, which is filtered through 1200 optical fibers. Light passes through two optical lenses, which have 30 layers of special coating. The cold blue light that falls on the teeth has a wavelength of 480-520 nm., which is the optimal range for teeth whitening. Harmful ultraviolet radiation is completely removed by the filter system.

The whole procedure takes Blazko 40 minutes and is as follows:
-The doctor establishes the patient with a lip-jaw retractor in order to get the best access to the teeth of both jaws, and the patient could keep his mouth open throughout all procedures;
-On the clear and sensitive areas of the teeth applied a special protective layer (liquid jackets), which blocks the effect of the gel on these areas;
-Whitening gel is applied uniform layer on the entire surface of the teeth reflecting;
-the activation of the drug lamp of cold blue light during 12 minutes;
-inactivated gel is removed from the surface of the teeth, after which the cycle of "causing-illumination" is repeated 2 times.
After the clinical teeth whitening need a few days (3-4 days) to comply with the "white diet", that is, to abandon the use of all products and beverages containing coloring pigments. Subject to all recommendations, the effect of whitening will last for 2-3 years.
Contraindications for whitening are as follows:
-Hypersensitivity of teeth;
-uncured carogenic lesions, enamel cracks;
-Children younger than 16 years;
-Diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral germination;
-Pregnant women;
-Nervous system diseases;
-Diabetes mellitus;
-presence of the insididuent intolerance to components of the chemical bleaching agent.

It is proved that 68% of people, first of all, pay attention to the smile of a person.
Feel the joy and comfort, demonstrating a snow-white smile-will ask for teeth whitening! Smile confidently!!!
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